Your wedding day will be the most memorable event of your life. You have already selected the perfect location in Lancashire, UK. With a variety of landscapes and backdrops that will mystify and amaze, there is no better place to host the wedding of your dreams and make all that you have imagined the reality you experience.

Now paying attention to even the most subtle detail will make a world of difference regarding what you will look back on for decades to come. Everything is significant. The dress, the venue, the event management, the catering and especially the photography must receive proper consideration. Thus allow us to guide you in the delicate process of planning a wedding in Lancashire.

The Dress

Your wedding dress should be as unique and beautiful as this occasion will be for you. Your first decision is on the style of dress that will most flatter your figure. Knowing the various styles and the silhouettes cast by such will aid you in choosing the dress you will forever be remembered in at this marvellous event. There are several factors including the location of the ceremony, the actual ceremony itself and even the culture of the bride and groom that will affect this essential decision. However, the most important factor to keep in mind is how you feel when you put it on. You will know when you’ve found “the dress” for you.

The Wedding Venue

When choosing a venue the first detail to account for will be your guest list; how many guests will be in attendance and whom will they be. Your selection may vary greatly whether planning an intimate event with a few close mates and family members versus a grand debut including distant relatives and acquaintances. Will you have an indoor event or would you prefer a marquee that may allow for more natural elements in decor? What size marquee will best accommodate your guests and ambiance? Wedding marquees come in an array of styles and sizes. Find a supplier that has a wide and diverse selection to best fit your theme. If you’re from the West Midlands, Birmingham, and surrounding areas; one of the most popular among vendors and coordinators is Marquee Liesure. You can visit their website at for more information. In Lancashire, there are a variety of locations from hotels to golf clubs, restaurants to historic sites that may provide just the illustrious background you’ve always dreamed of.

Choosing a wedding venue also lends great importance to the matter of event management. Once you’ve given great consideration to location and enjoyed the excitement of finding the perfect dress, the next step is to organise a schedule for the sequence of events on your most memorable day. Your prospect is to employ a team of professionals skilled in timing and coordination to be the perfect concierge for both the wedding party and guests ensuring the flow of this special occasion is smooth and elegant. From decor to table settings, cosmetics to staging you want to know that everything has been thought of and cared for effectively. Not even having a mere worrisome thought in the back of your mind; you only want to think about your happiness and absolute enjoyment. Great skill is required to create the feel and appearance of effortless synchronisation and skilled timing is essential when creating memorable moments. Find highly recommended companies so you get the best people on the job. From space planning to lighting designers in the UK, these companies always strive to only recruit the best in their fields.

The Catering

You close your eyes so as not to be distracted from the luscious flavour commanding full attention from your senses. So creating your dream menu and designing a menu that exceeds anything you’ve ever dreamed is a gift beyond measure. Not just the food, you can plan everything as intricately as you wish–from customised table linens to vintage wedding cake stands at the dinner table. This will make your guests feel even more special and impressed at the reception when they see that you’ve designed every last detail of the event. Choosing the right catering is the essential gift you give yourself as you plan your dream wedding menu. From hors d’oeuvres to entrees to desserts you will want your first meal as husband and wife to be absolutely exquisite. When it comes to pleasing your palate there exist a variety of cuisine options. This makes catering a crucial element to the success of your wedding day. Balancing cuisine by course and genre is an art form not to be taken lightly. Your menu may encourage a feeling of exquisite bliss or deep disgust based upon the taste in the mouths of your guests. How will you want to be remembered?

The Photography

Whilst your event team is planning when you’ll take pictures and highlighting which moments should be immortalised by photo, you must be particular about who will be taking such photographs. Hiring the right wedding photographers can make or break your wedding mementos. Make sure to find the best team in your area to be part of your most important day. Capturing those once in a lifetime moments should be best left to the professionals. Also considering how you will look in said photographs. Someone to assist with staging and cosmetics is essential. Whether this person (or persons) is a member of your event management team, associated with the photography group or completely independent you are only allowed one opportunity to grasp every breathtakingly authentic moment. The most pressing question, will you have on hand the professionals who are capable of capturing those moments beyond your imagination?

Wedding Hair and Make Up

The bride should be the belle of the evening and, aside from the dress, this falls into the hands of the wedding hair and makeup artist. There are professional makeup artists across the UK that specialises in weddings. They will work with your theme and concept for a picture perfect look on your special day. Find one that works well with you and can understand what you want. This would usually entail a consultation and a trial prior to the event. If you are having your wedding abroad, make sure to book early so they can adjust and work to your schedule.